We can stop the #TaxScam

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The House and the Senate have both passed partisan and drastic tax reform bills that could have negative effects for years—even decades.

Both bills would cut taxes dramatically for wealthy people and corporations while actually increasing taxes on many middle-income Americans.

Speak out against these devastating tax bills by calling Congress today.

These bills would both massively increase the federal debt, which would provide an excuse in future years for Congress to cut funding for programs like child nutrition, food assistance, Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, financial aid for higher education, and more.

And these measures would be financed in part by changes to the Affordable Care Act, which would increase premiums for millions of Americans while reducing the number of the insured.

However, there’s still a chance to stop these bills from becoming law. Because the House and Senate versions of the bill differ, Congress must now come up with a compromise that will have to be voted on again in each chamber.

Please contact your representative and urge them to oppose this proposed tax reform that will cut taxes for wealthy individuals and corporations while harming everyone else, bankrupting our shared resources, and undermining health care coverage.

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